The creation of West Fork Tool, a subsidiary of West Fork Environmental, has increased our capacity to design and manufacture traditional foundry pattern tooling and specialized environmental equipment. With the addition of 2 large CNC mills in our shop we have the ability to develop not only custom environmental monitoring equipment but also machined products. Marrying this business operations model with projects for water resources, forestry and fisheries clients enables us to bring creative and traditionally expensive solutions to the marketplace efficiently and cost effectively. 

Our HAAS GR712 and HAAS VF34T place scheduling and control of specialized projects in our hands rather than outsourcing these critical tasks and furthers our capabilities in plastics design and fabrication. West Fork Tool also has full CAD/CAM technical capabilities, aluminum welding and instrumentation for customized fabrication solutions. West Fork’s CNC machines and shop allow for the precise design, machining and fabrication of custom PIT tag antenna systems, aluminum “hogouts” as well as wood, plastic and metal pattern tooling.





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Tom Hoover is West Fork’s lead CAD/CAM Engineer and machinist bringing 25 years of experience designing and fabricating specialized products using automated CNC technology. When not working on traditional foundry pattern tooling and other machined products he works on projects such as the 6 complex PIT tag antennas West Fork installed at Lower Granite Dam or the 2 large flumes at the Ballard Locks. Among other things he is currently engaged in design and fabrication of West Fork’s PIT detection barges.

Phone: 360-753-0485

Email: tom@westforktool.com